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Change List and Project Archives
The advantage of maintaining “live�? documentation is that whenever a team member
looks something up, she'll see the current specification.
You can't rely on team members to constantly check the documents, however, so it's
wise to set up a change notification alert system. Whenever someone changes a document,
it should trigger an email to the appropriate team members with a summary of the
A list of these emails should be maintained so that everyone can see the change history.
This list takes the place of “revision history�? or “change list�? section that used to be at
the top of the project documents. (Note, however, that changes that affect milestones
or deliverables are important enough to be tracked separately, most often as formal
amendments to the development contract.)
From time to time, the project manager (or his designee) should go through the Web
site to ensure that everything is current. If too much old information is cluttering
things up, it's best to archive it in a separate area.
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