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Playing Games
At home, you play games to have fun. You get to choose what to play, when to play,
and how to play it. Testing games can still be fun, but you have fewer choices about
what, when, and how to play. Everything you do when you play is for a purpose—
either to explore some area of the game, check that a specific rule is being enforced,
or look for a particular kind of problem.
Your job begins by running a series of tests that are assigned to you. Some of the tests
are very specific and consist of step-by-step instructions. These rely on your keen
observations and attention to details. This is a good format for user interface (UI)
testing. Here's a short example for testing a portion of the character selection UI in
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox:
1. Select New Game from the Main Menu.
Check that the Male Scoundrel picture and title are highlighted (see Figure 2.2).
Check that the scoundrel character description is displayed correctly.
Figure 2.2 Knights of the Old Republiccharacter selection screen initial state
showing Male Scoundrel.
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