Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
chapter 2
Being a
Game Tester
Being a game tester starts with being a game player. This is the part that seems to
attract most people to the profession. Just imagine—getting paid to play games! For
the most part you don't get to test (play) whatever you feel like on any given day. You
are given assignments that you're expected to complete thoroughly and on time—
even if it means you have to stay late to get them done. The tests and the hours will
pile up anytime you get near to a major release.
But just playing the game isn't enough to be a good tester. Sure, you need to have a
knack for finding problems, but you also need to do a good job at other things such
as documenting and reporting bugs, reporting test progress, and helping developers
find and fix your bugs. These tasks are done over and over again until the game ships.
Think of the acronym “PIANo TV�?— P lay, I dentify, A mplify, N otify, and o ptionally,
T Testify and V erify. Figure 2.1 illustrates this sequence of activities.
Figure 2.1 Game testing activities.
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