Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Appendix B
Project Lifecycle
This appendix contains guidelines, outlines, or templates for creating most of the doc-
uments used in the course of a game project.
Lack of good communication is the single biggest obstacle to efficient software devel-
opment, so it's worthwhile to think carefully about how these documents can best be
developed and maintained.
The larger a document is, the less likely people are to read it. In paper form, large docu-
ments are almost impossible to maintain. A good solution is to maintain your documents
on an internal Web page where everyone on the team can modify the information. Go to for a very powerful no-cost solution to this problem.
The rest of this appendix will assume that you're maintaining your documents online.
Index to Documents
The “home page�? of your internal Web page should contain a list of the major project-
related documents. In turn, these documents may contain links to other sub-documents
that are maintained by the teams working on particular areas of the game.
1. Index to Documents
2. High Concept
3. Pitch Doc
4. Concept Doc
5. Game Design Doc (GDD)
6. Art Production Plan
7. Technical Design Doc (TDD)
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