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Chapter 17
1. The test put a “2�? the Mines field, but when the Custom Field window was opened at the
end of the test (see Figure 17.10) the Mines value was 10. Typically, the user would be
warned about entering an invalid value.
2. The captured results produce code that must be manually updated if you want to check for
a “desired�? result which is different from what was actually captured. Change the VHT code
to check for the Mines value of 2 instead of 10. If you scan through the generated code, you
will find that after entering the “2�? a check is made for “Region 2�?:
Keys(“[Backspace][Backspace]�?, 0.64, 0.18)
Keys(“2�?, 0.79)
CompareScreen(“Region 2�?)
At the end of the session, the window with the wrong Mines value is captured, represented
by the following code:
ClickMenu(“&Game;&Custom...�?, 1.94)
CompareScreen(“Region 3�?)
In order to check for the screen with Mines = 2 instead of Mines = 10, replace the “Region 3�?
check with a check for “Region 2�? as follows:
ClickMenu(“&Game;&Custom...�?, 1.94)
CompareScreen(“Region 2�?)
From then on, when you play this script back you will get a Failure on the final comparison
until the defect gets fixed.
3. Establishing the correct game state prior to each test is helpful when you are picking and
choosing tests from different features and running them one after another. Each test carries
the responsibility to set itself up properly. Establishing the correct game state after your test
can also serve this purpose once a proper game state is established by some other means
prior to running the first test. The post-test cleanup has the benefit of leaving the test
machine in some kind of usable state. Tests that only “clean up�? before they run could leave
a mess behind if someone needs to use the machine for manual testing purposes. In either
case it's important to have a consistent policy. Doing a pre-test cleanup after the previous
test has done a post-test cleanup is a slight waste of time. What's worse is when a test that
doesn't clean up after itself is followed by one that does not do a pre-test cleanup.
4. Ideally, you are happy because you have learned much from this topic that you will put
into practice, and you are sad that there aren't any more fun testing things to learn from
this topic.
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