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5. Besides the Normal trigger testing, which you are accustomed to, here are some ways to
utilize other defect triggers for this hypothetical poker game:
Startup : Do stuff during the intro and splash screens, try to bet all of your chips on the
very first hand, try to play without going through the in-game tutorial
Configuration : Set the number of players at the table to the minimum or maximum, set
the betting limits to the minimum or maximum, play at each of the difficulty settings
available, play under different tournament configurations
Restart : Quit the game in the middle of a hand and see if you have your original chip total
when you re-enter the game, create a split pot situation where one player has wagered all
of his chips but other players continue to raise their bets, save your game and then reload
it after losing all of your money
Stress : Play a hand where all players bet all of their money, play for long periods of time
to win ridiculous amounts of cash, take a really long time to place your bet or place it as
quickly as possible, enter a long player name or an empty one (0 characters)
Exception : Try to bet more money than you have, try to raise a bet by more than the house
limit, try using non-alphanumeric characters in your screen name
Chapter 16
1. The two factors are how well your department is run and whether or not you are behind
on your project.
2. You may not wish to automate testing if you are unwilling to invest in the staffing and
game infrastructure changes that are necessary to make test automation successful.
3. Improved game reliability, greater tester and machine efficiency, consistency of results,
faster testing, and the ability to simulate tremendously large numbers of concurrent players
for stress and load testing without having to use large pools of human testers are good rea-
sons to automate.
4. Online multiplayer games, first-person shooters, puzzle games, and mobile games are all
suitable candidates for at least some degree of test automation.
5. Play sequences, repeating actions, user interfaces, and randomly walking through game
worlds are all useful applications of test automation.
6. Whenever an object or player attribute or property changes, make sure you are checking
(logging) before and after then change. The following SimScript-like sequence implements
the test described for this exercise:
# guitar test
place_object guitar 10 10
move_object guitar 40 40
set_data avatar guitar_skill 0
use_object guitar shred
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