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Figure A.2 ESPN NFL 2K5game options test table with seven parameters.
Figure A.3 ESPN NFL 2K5game options test
table with 2 min value combinations.
5. You should have used all of the values available
for Body Type, Skin Tone, and Face. For this
solution they were each listed in order from
lowest to highest in the input table. It is suffi-
cient to only use the default, minimum, and
maximum values for Height and Weight. They
were specified in that same order in the input
table. If you correctly fed Allpairs, you should
get the tests shown in Figure A.4. The “pair-
ings�? column has been left off. If your input
table had the parameters in a different order
than was used for this solution, check that you
have the same number of test cases. 1512 full
combinations have been reduced to 44 pairwise
tests. If your result doesn't seem right, redo the
input table with the ordering described here
and try again.
Figure A.4 ESPN NFL 2K5Create
Player pairwise
combinatorial table.
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