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The consequences of low review rates are that the team should have covered more material
during the same time which would have caught more faults. Managers will take quick
notice when reviews become unproductive and too many bad experiences can jeopardize
the use of reviews for the remainder of the project or water down the process to the point
where it is ineffective.
Chapter 7
1. The main responsibilities of a Lead Tester are: managing the test team, designing and
implementing the overall project test plan, “owning�? the bug database.
2. The primary tester should be allowed to modify all fields in the bug database except for
Priority, Status, Assigned To, and Developer Comments.
3. False
4. a) is appropriate, as it is a “feature question�? to understand how the feature and its tests
should really work.
b) is appropriate as “test improvement�? subject matter.
c) is not appropriate.
d) is appropriate as “test improvement�? subject matter.
e) is appropriate as it deals with the “recent defect history�? of the feature.
f) is appropriate, as it relates to gathering “equipment, files, and programs needed for test.�?
g) is appropriate as “test improvement�? subject matter.
5. False
6. True
7. False
8. False
9. Put briefly, a test plan defines the overall structure of the testing cycle. A test case is one
specific question or condition the code is operated and evaluated against.
Chapter 8
1. The Expected Result is the way the game should work according to its design specification.
The Actual Result is anomalous behavior observed when you used the game, caused by a
software defect.
2. Regression testing verifies that fixes have been properly implemented in the code.
3. Remove the old build, and all related saved data. Verify and amend your hardware setup to
meet the spec of the new build. Install the new build.
4. The “knockdown list�? is the regression set—that is, the list of defects that the development
team believes it has fixed in the current build.
5. False
6. False
7. False
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