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2. The Fagan Inspection Moderator has the extra responsibility of scheduling and conducting
an Overview meeting prior to the actual peer review of the work. The walkthrough Leader
actively presents the material during the peer review, while the inspection Moderator's
main purpose is to see that the meeting is conducted properly and collect inspection met-
rics. The walkthrough Leader is not well-suited to take notes during the meeting, while the
inspection Moderator typically has enough bandwidth to do so.
3. New PCEs: Requirements = 0.69, Design = 0.73, Code = 0.66.
4. Your Control Chart should look like Figure A.1.
Figure A.1 Control Chart for review rates.
The value for Review 5 falls outside the Upper Control Limit (UCL). This rate is considered
“too high.�? Reviewing material too quickly can be an indication of any of the following:
poor preparation
lack of participation and interaction during the review
lack of understanding of the material being reviewed
schedule pressures which “encourage�? reviewers not to spend “too much�? time on
Whatever the reasons, the potential consequence of a high review rate is missed faults.
On the other hand, going too slow could be the result of:
Too much debate over disagreements during the review
Spending time discussing issues not related to the review material
Lack of understanding of the material being reviewed
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