Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Zoo Tycoon SimCity set in a zoo
True Crime: Streets of LA Grand Theft Auto in reverse
Wario Ware, Inc. —Rapid-fire games without rules
2. Art Bible—Preproduction
Competitive Analysis—Concept Development
Game Prototype—Preproduction
New maps—Upgrades
Risk Analysis—Concept Development
Game Design Document—Preproduction
Test Lead on-board—Development
Technical Design Document—Preproduction
Code submitted for compliance testing—Beta
Celebrate—Release to Manufacture
Concept document—Concept Development
Volunteer testers participate—Beta
3. High Concept—Low detail
Estimated Budget—Low detail
Story in Concept Doc—Low detail
Game Design Doc—High detail
Development Schedule in Project Plan—High detail
Game Prototype—Low detail
Beta Release—High detail
Manpower Plan in Project Plan—High detail
Asset List in Pre-Production Plan—Low detail
4. Game Design Document—Yes
Project Plan—Yes
Art Production Plan—Yes
Chapter 6
1. Your total released defects are 35 + 17 = 52. The table in Figure 6.1 has a column for
100,000 but not for 200,000 so double the defect count values in the 100,000 column.
A defect count of 66 indicates a 4.9 sigma level and 48 is 5 sigma. Your 52 defects don't
reach the 5 sigma level, so your game code is at 4.9 sigma.
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