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1. Did the last window in the Minesweeper test appear the way you expected it
to? Explain.
2. Pretend that the last Minesweeper window is wrong and should actually
match the one shown in Figure 17.8, which you stored after you changed
the initial custom values. How would you change the automated test code
to check for the “expected�? screen instead of the “actual�? one? How do you
think the log file will change as a result? Make the change(s) and re-run
your test to find out.
3. Another way to run the test with Minesweeper in the proper state is to set
it up before your test runs instead of afterwards. Discuss the pros and cons
of each approach. Create updated versions of your test to implement both
solutions and run them. Did you change your mind about which is best?
Describe any new insights you gained from this.
4. Are you happy or sad that you reached the end of this topic? Elaborate.
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