Game Development Reference
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Delay(15) ;Wait for game to load and bring up main menu
MouseClick(540, 396, INTEL, LEFT, 2.43)
CompareScreen(“Region 1�?)
Figure 17.3 Dawn of Warmain menu screen with Army Painter highlighted.
Now the test passes when it runs at maximum speed.
Once one of the test steps fails it might be a waste of time for the test to continue run-
ning through the rest of its commands. This is especially true for a test file with hun-
dreds or thousands of lines of code. You could also waste time looking through the log
file pages to find the place where the test originally failed. You can save time by adjust-
ing the VHT playback preferences to specify one or more categories of commands that
will halt test execution immediately if they fail. Figure 17.4 shows the CompareScreen
function added to the list of commands that will cause playback to Terminate on Failure.
When the test fails on any of its Terminate on Failure operations, a special pop-up
window appears and the test playback stops. Figure 17.5 shows the terminate pop-up
you get when a CompareScreen operation fails.
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