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Having come this far in the topic, you may find yourself being asked to offer your
opinion and contribute to your team's test strategies. The following exercises are
designed to give you practice at this.
1. Which is your favorite Defect Trigger? Why? Which one would be the most
difficult for you to include in your tests, both in terms of test execution and
test design?
2. Earlier in this chapter it was mentioned that both the D-Pad and Analog
joystick could be used to make the HALO option selections. Describe how
you would incorporate these choices into your test suite. Do you prefer
adding them to a large single table for the feature or creating a separate
smaller table focused on the option selection means? Describe what factors
would cause you to change your answer.
3. It would also be interesting to start an Unreal Tournament match while
standing on one of the gun or ammo items. The game automatically snaps
you back to the original starting point after a three-second countdown
before the action starts. Describe how you would update the Ammo TFD
to include this possibility.
4. Again, for the Ammo TFD, describe how you would add or change flows to
represent a player firing the gun using a joystick rather than the left mouse
button, which is typically used for firing. Treat this as a case where both the
mouse and joystick are connected during the game. Also indicate which
triggers are represented by this possibility.
5. Texas Hold 'Em poker has become very popular recently and many video-
games on various platforms are popping up to take advantage of the present
level of interest in this card game. Make a list or outline of how you would
include each trigger in your testing of a hypothetical or actual Texas Hold
'Em videogame. Don't stop at one example—list at least three values,
situations, or cases for each of the non-Normal triggers. Remember to
include tests of the betting rules—not just the mechanics and winning
conditions for the hand. If you are not familiar with the rules of this card
game, do a search online and read a few descriptions before you build
your trigger lists.
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