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This is something you can use as an Exception trigger. Since this “Unsupported
AltFire�? operation will not change the ammo status of the weapon, add it as a loop on
the TFD states where there is both a gun and ammo. Your result should look like
Figure 15.14.
Figure 15.14 Ammo TFD with AltFire Exception flows highlighted.
Finally, the Configuration must be included. One of the weapon settings in the game
allows the player to select an older style rendering of certain weapons. While this is
appealing to players who owned earlier titles in this series, it also creates an addition-
al test responsibility. You can check that changing the weapon rendering while the
game is in progress does not affect the amount of ammo loaded in that weapon or
produce unwanted artifacts such as unexpected audio or “shadow�? (duplicate)
weapons. Add a ToggleWeaponSkin flow at all of the states where the player has the
weapon. Since this should not affect the ammo, these flows will loop back into the
states from which they originated. Figure 15.15 shows the TFD with these
Configuration flows.
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