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Note how more “pressure�? is
being put on the NoGunNoAmmo
state with all of the flows
entering and exiting. It's like a
busy intersection; they tend to
be much more dangerous than
the ones that aren't so busy.
This reflects the importance of
this state to the well-being of
the feature and its potential
sensitivity to changes.
Figure 15.12 PreMatch state and Startup trigger flows added to Ammo TFD.
The TFD is getting cozy but
there are a still a few more
triggers to consider. For the
Exception trigger, there is
an operation available to
use a weapon's alternate fire
mode. Typically, the left
mouse button is used for
normal firing and the right
mouse button for alternate
firing. Some weapons, such
as the Grenade Launcher, do
not have an alternate firing
mode. They should not fire
nor decrement their ammo
count when the user attempts
alternate firing.
Figure 15.13 Ammo TFD with SpectateAndJoin Restart
flows highlighted.
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