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Again, one of your options is to add a column for these values plus the “None�? choice
into a single table, as shown in Figure 15.8. Although the table has grown again, these 28
cases represent pairwise coverage of 15,360 total possible combinations of these values!
Figure 15.8 Advanced game options with Configuration and Exception triggers.
A potential danger in doing this is that most of your test cases will result in an excep-
tion behavior that may prevent you from observing the effects of the other test values.
In Figure 15.8, only six tests—1, 2, 13, 14, 25, and 26—avoid an input exception. A way
around this is to create a separate table to isolate the exception effects, as shown in
Figure 15.9. The “NONE�? value for the Simultaneous Key parameter is not included
because it is not an Exception trigger and it is already implicitly represented in the
non-exception table for this feature.
The extreme Look Sensitivity values were identified as Stress triggers, but is there any
other “stressful�? operation that can be done during option selection? For this particular
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