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The updated table is shown in Figure 15.5. Because of the added complexity introduced
by the new parameters and values, the Allpairs tool was used to generate this table.
Figure 15.5 Advanced Controls combinatorial table with Configuration triggers.
As an alternative, create a separate table to cover the configuration-related parameters
and value pairs. This kind of approach enables you to use the mostly “Normal�? table
as a sanity test and then proceed with the tables for the other triggers once the game
passes the sanity tests. The Advanced Options game controller configuration table is
shown in Figure 15.6.
As it turns out, no matter which slot the controller is removed from, the game
prompts you to “Please reconnect #1 controller�? as shown in Figure 15.7. Additionally,
your ability to modify the settings is restored no matter which slot you replace the
controller in. Another side effect or removing the controller is that the changes you
made prior to its removal are lost—the settings revert to their last stored values. This
might not be so bad on a screen where you only have a few values to keep track of, but
if you are updating dozens of values to customize an RPG character, this loss of data
can be frustrating. In contrast, Tony Hawk's Underground identifies the specific con-
troller that was removed, requires the controller to be replaced into the same slot in
order to continue, and preserves the changed option values.
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