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Late Night Testing Checklist
Do you have the right version of the test?
Test version: ________________
Are you using the right version of the build?
Build version: ________________
Are you using the right hardware configuration/settings?
Describe: __________________________________
Are you using the right game controller and settings?
Describe: __________________________________
Which installation options did you use (if any)?
Describe: __________________________________
Is the game in the right initial state before running the test case?
Describe: __________________________________
Did you complete all of the test steps in order?
Did you document the completion of the tests and the test results?
Did you record all of the problems you found?
If you reported a problem, did you fill in all of the required fields?
Chapter 7, “Test Phases,�? shows you what kinds of testing should be done along the way as the
game code matures. This helps you test appropriately for a particular situation and also know that
you can rely on the additional testing you will do later in the game.
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