Game Development Reference
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Table 15.1 Defect Trigger Keywords
configure, model, type, version, environment, connect, disconnect, add, remove
startup, initial, first, un-initialized, creation, boot, warm up, wakeup, loading,
setup, entry, transition, delay
exception, error, violation, exceeds, NULL, unexpected, recover, prevented,
blocked, prohibited, unavailable
stress, load, rate, slowest, fastest, low, high, speed, capacity, limit, long, short,
few, many, empty, full
normal, typical, common, usual, expected, planned, basic, allowed, available
restart, reset, cleanup, eject, power down, ctrl-alt-del, quit
In this situation, holding down the fire button prevented the reloading of the rifle.
This should be considered an undesirable behavior of the weapon Restart process.
“Saved game issues with long computer names fixed.�?
The Stress keyword “long�? is used here and it is in reference to a problem that occurs
when trying to perform a function (saving the game) with the long computer name,
so this is a Stress defect.
“The Ultridium Explosive damage has been increased.�?
Here is a function that wasn't quite operating the way it was intended. The damage
increase is not limited to a particular configuration or condition and affects some-
thing that happens during gameplay (the In-Game operating region). This is simply a
Normal defect.
“Death will no longer break chat in MultiMatch.�?
In this context, “death�? is part of a player's life cycle: Spawn-Fight-Die-Spawn and so
on. Death's place in this life cycle is to initiate a “restart�? of the player's character. This
restart breaks the chat function. The defect is a Restart defect.
“The visual graphic indicating that you have the flag in MultiMatch Capture
the Flag matches has been enhanced.�?
Problems don't just have to happen in game logic to be considered bugs. Here one of
the graphics effects was improved. The solution is not related to a particular condition
or configuration of the game. This is a Normal defect.
“Teams are no longer automixed on map restart in MultiMatch.�?
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