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who reaches the end so he can continue to enjoy the game when going back through
it a second time. This may activate code that is not exercised at all until the game is
completed the first time.
The Triggers
Six Defect Triggers span the four game operating regions. These triggers describe ways
to cause distinct categories of game defects to show up during testing. Together, these
triggers account for all of the possible defects that can occur.
The Configuration Trigger
Some game configuration takes place in the Pre-Game region, prior to running the
game. This includes device or environment settings that are established before run-
ning the game, such as game platform software versions. Date and time, screen reso-
lution, system audio volume, operating system version, patches, and language settings
are all examples of Configuration triggers.
Configuration also involves external devices that are associated with the game plat-
form. Game controllers, keyboards, mice, speakers, monitors, network connections,
headsets, and so on are also part of the test configuration. As shown in Figure 15.2,
such devices are attached to various external connectors on the Sega Dreamcast or any
other modern game hardware platform.
Figure 15.2 Sega Dreamcast block diagram.
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