Game Development Reference
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chapter 15
Defect Triggers
Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) includes a set of Defect Triggers to catego-
rize the way defects are caused to appear. These same triggers can be used to classify
tests as well as defects. Test suites that do not account for each of the triggers will be
incapable of revealing all of the defects in the game.
Operating Regions
Game operation can be broken down into three stages: Game Start, In-Game, and
Post-Game. These regions don't just apply to the game as a whole. They can also be
mapped to discrete experiences within the game, such as new missions, seasons, or
levels. There is also a Pre-Game region in which the game environment—hardware,
operating system, and so on—is operational but the game has not been started. Figure
15.1 shows the relationship of these operating regions.
Figure 15.1 Game software operating regions.
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