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Additionally, tests can reflect tree-like relationships that exist between game functions
and elements. The behavior of these structures is tested by exercising the values along
the various possible paths from the start of the tree to each of the terminal nodes.
Finally, test trees can be designed to improve understanding of a complex game feature
and bring order to a potentially chaotic function, especially regarding interactions
with other game rules, elements, and functions. The tree is constructed by progressively
decomposing the feature until the bottom nodes identify specific actions to perform
or elements to use during testing.
1. From the test case tree in Figure 13.2, which test branch(es) should you
re-run for a new release of the game that fixes a bug with the sound effect
used for the Orks “Big Shoota�? weapon?
2. There are actually four Multiplayer game modes in Dawn of War : LAN,
Online, Direct Host, and Direct Join. Furthermore, the same choices
available in Skirmish mode—Maps, # of Players, Race, Game Options, and
Win Conditions—apply to the LAN and Direct Host multiplayer modes.
Describe how you would update the test case tree in Figure 13.2 to include
these two additional levels of depth.
3. (a) Draw a tree for the FFTA Summoner job (Viera race) that requires two
White Mage abilities and two Elementalist abilities. The Elementalist job
requires one Fencer ability and one White Mage ability. The Fencer and
White Mage abilities have no prerequisites.
(b) List the test cases you should use to determine that the Summoner job is
properly restricted or enabled.
4. Besides going to the Deck, Hand, or Gravyard, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards can also
be “Removed from play.�? Create an updated version of the Host branch of
the Black Pendant to account for this possibility.
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