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Go through the same pruning process that you did for the previous branches. The
Host-Deck branch only has one node—the Morphing Jar #2 card for Monster-All.
Similarly, the Host-Hand branch has two nodes resulting from the Crass Clown
(Monster-One) and Penguin Soldier (Monster-Multiple) cards. These trimmed portions
of the tree are shown in Figure 13.15.
Figure 13.15 Host-Deck and Host-Hand branches of the Black Pendant test tree design.
The Host-Graveyard branch is completely populated. The game has at least one example
for each of the Magic, Trap, and Monster scenarios represented in the tree, as shown
in Figure 13.16.
Figures 13.17 and 13.18 show (in two parts) the complete structure of this test tree,
with the specific card names removed. The result is that you found 31 tests to perform
for verifying the proper behavior of the Black Pendant card.
In the same way that the test case tree was discussed in the “Test Case Trees�? section
earlier in this chapter—used to identify a narrow scope of tests to run for a given set
of code changes—this test tree can pinpoint a narrow range of game behaviors to
repair when a defect is found. For example, in the course of running the preceding
tests, it turns out that the 500 points of damage are not applied when the monster
equipped with Black Pendant is destroyed (removed from the Field) to pay for a monster's
(Cannon Soldier) effect. This corresponds to the Host-Graveyard-Monster-Cost node
in the test tree design. Once the game software is updated to fix this defect, it would
make sense to re-run all of the Host-Graveyard-Monster tests as well as tests for each
Cost node.
A second defect occurs when Morphing Jar #2's effect sends the Host monster back to
the player's deck. This is on the Host-Deck-Monster-All node. Were this to occur by
itself, you could plan on re-running Host-Deck-Monster and the *-All tests. Given the
fact that there are now two bugs associated with Host-*-Monster branches, I would
recommend re-running all Host-*-Monster tests once the bugs are fixed instead of
just the Host-Deck Monster and Host-Graveyard-Monster tests.
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