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Figure 13.12 Trimmed and completed Hand-Graveyard branch.
Next, start processing the Card “from�? Field-to-Deck branch. It just so happens that
in this game there are no Magic, Trap, or Monster cards that send a card from the Field
back to a player's deck, so this entire branch is eliminated from testing.
Next, expand the Field-Hand branch. There is one Magic card—Giant Trunade—that
performs this function and affects All magic cards on the field. No Trap or Monster
cards have this effect.
A variety of cards can send Black Pendant from the Field to the Graveyard. In the
Magic card category, Mystical Space Typhoon can affect one card, Harpie's Feather
Duster can affect multiple cards, and Heavy Storm will affect All magic cards on the
field. Trap cards Driving Snow and Magical Hats can affect One or Multiple cards,
respectively. Armed Ninja is a Monster capable of sending one Black Pendant card
from the Field to the Graveyard. Figure 13.13 shows the test tree design branches for
Black Pendant leaving the Field.
At this point you have finished defining the test cases from the original scope of the
test tree design structure in Figure 13.8. The tests you have defined so far concern
themselves with how the Black Pendant card itself is affected during the battle, but
there is another design consideration to take into account. Since Black Pendant is used
to “equip�? a monster in play, the Black Pendant card is sent to the graveyard whenever
the “host�? monster leaves the field. This last-minute addition illustrates the iterative
discovery process that can take place when using this design approach. Attempting to
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