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On the other end of the spectrum, some features can seem downright chaotic. Take,
for example, card battle games. In these games players take turns playing cards from a
deck they have assembled. Winning the game usually involves eliminating the oppo-
nent, his creatures, or both. A card may have a special behavior as defined by the text
on the card. Some cards can affect other players or cards. There are cards for offensive
and defensive purposes. Hundreds of different cards can potentially interact and affect
each other in unexpected or undesirable ways. Remember Rule #1—don't panic!
Create a test tree design to derive a set of tests for special card capabilities.
For example, a test tree design could be created for the Black Pendant Yu-Gi-Oh! card
in the Eternal Duelist Soul game for the GameBoy Advance. This card is shown in
Figure 13.5 and the card text reads as follows:
“A monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 500 points. When this card is sent
from the field to the Graveyard, inflict 500 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's
Life Points.�?
There is other information you need to know about the game to understand this card.
Players (“duelists�?) battle each other by summoning monsters and casting spells from
among the cards they hold in their hands. A new card is drawn at the beginning of each
player's turn unless there is a spell or effect in play that prevents that from happening. A
player can put cards into play from his hand. Some
cards require a “Cost�? to be put into play, such as loss
of life points or sending a card to the graveyard.
Cards that are in play are said to be in the “field.�?
Field cards can be face up, or in a special face-down
“Set�? position. Cards that have somehow been
destroyed are put face up into a “graveyard�? pile.
These cards can still play a role in the outcome of the
game, because there are spells and effects that can
bring cards in either player's graveyard back onto the
field. There are also ways to remove cards from the
game. This prevents their return via graveyard
effects. Such cards are set aside away from the area of
Specific types of cards can be put into play. Monster
cards can be used to attack the opponent or defend
against her attacks. Some monsters have special
abilities that can affect other monsters or cards.
Figure 13.5 Black Pendant card.
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