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Revealing the additional details of the Skirmish mode is important because it expos-
es another set of tests that should be run if changes are made to any game assets or
functionality that is specific to the Races. Whether your tests are stored in a regular
directory system or a formal configuration management system you can organize
them to match the hierarchy of game functions. That will make it easy to find the tests
you want to run once you map them to the code changes in each release that is to be
Tree Feature Tests
A second application of test trees is used to reflect actual tree structures of features
that are implemented by the game. Dawn of War has such structures for the tech trees
of each race. These trees define the dependency rules for which units, vehicles, struc-
tures, and abilities can be generated. For example, before the Eldars can produce
Howling Banshee units, they must first construct an Aspect Portal and upgrade the
structure with the Howling Banshee Aspect Stone. Other units can be produced
immediately, such as the Rangers. These trees can be quite complex, with dependencies
between multiple structures, upgrades, and research items. Test these trees by following
the various possible paths to successfully construct each item. Figure 13.3 shows the
Aspect Portal tech tree for the Eldar race.
Figure 13.3 Dawn of Wartechnology tree for Eldar Aspect Portal.
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