Game Development Reference
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During game development, each bug fix can affect one or more areas of the game.
With the test case tree you can easily target which tests to run by finding them under
the tree nodes related to the parts of the game affected by the new code. Some fixes
may have to be rechecked at a high level, such as a change in the Chat editor font that
applies to all uses of chat. Other fixes may be more specific, such as a change in the
way Chat text is passed to the Online server.
It is also possible to go into finer detail to make a more precise selection of tests. For
example, the Skirmish Game Mode tests could be further organized by which Map is
used, how many Players are active in the match, which Race is chosen by the player,
what Game Options are selected, and which Win Conditions are applied. Figure 13.2
shows the further breakdown of the Skirmish branch.
Figure 13.2 Skirmish Game Mode test case sub-tree added.
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