Game Development Reference
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chapter 13
Test Trees
Test trees can be used for three different purposes in game testing:
1. Test case trees document the hierarchical relationship between test cases and
game features, elements, and functions.
2. Tree feature tests reflect the tree structures of features or functions designed
into the game.
3. Test tree designs are used to develop tests that systematically cover specific
game features, elements, or functions.
Test Case Trees
In this application of test trees, the tests have already been developed and documented.
The tree is used each time the game team sends a new release to the testers. The test
lead can determine which tests to execute based on which defect fixes or new abilities
were introduced in the release. Such an organization could also reflect the way the
game itself is structured.
Take, for example, a tree of tests for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War , which is a real-
time simulation (RTS) game for the PC. In this game up to eight players can compete
against one another and/or computer AI opponents. Players control and develop their
own race of warriors, each of which has its own distinct military units, weapons,
structures, and vehicles. Games are won according to various victory conditions such
as taking control of a location, defending a location for a given amount of time, or
completely eliminating enemy forces.
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