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Add these numbers according to step 2. 10 + 1.176 + 20 = 31.176. Finish with step 3.
Dividing 10, which is the reciprocal of the usage probability for Look Sensitivity = 1, by
31.18, which is the sum of all three reciprocals, gives an inverted probability of 0.321.
Since the numbers in the table are percentages, this gets entered as 32.1. Likewise, divide
1.18 by 31.18 to get the second inverted usage result 0.038, or 3.8%. Complete this col-
umn by dividing 20 by 31.18 to get 0.641 and enter 64.1 as the inverted usage for Look
Sensitivity = 10.
Comparing the inverted usage values to the original ones confirms that the relative
proportions of each usage value have also been inverted. Originally, the usage for Look
Sensitivity = 1 was 10% versus 5% for Look Sensitivity = 10: a 2 to 1 ratio. In the
inverted table, the Look Sensitivity = 10 value is 64.2—twice that of the 32.1% usage
for Look Sensitivity = 1. You can examine the values for each parameter to confirm
that this holds true for the other values within each column.
The complete inverted Look Sensitivity usage table for all player profiles is provided
in Figure 12.21.
Figure 12.21 Inverted usage percentages for the Look Sensitivity parameter.
The “normal�? and inverted usage tables for all of the HALOAdvanced Controls parameters are pro-
vided in an Excel spreadsheet file on the topic's CD-ROM. There are separate worksheets for the
Normal and Inverted usages. You can change the values on the Normal Usage sheet and the values
on the Inverted Usage sheet will be calculated for you.
TFD Flow Usage Inversion
The TFD Enter and Exit flows present special cases you must deal with when inverting
usages. Since these are really “test�? operations versus “user�? operations, the usage per-
centage for these flows should be preserved. They will keep the same value in the
inverted usage set that you assigned to them originally. Figure 12.22 shows the Unlock
Item TFD's inverted Casual player usage table initialized with these fixed values.
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