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Figure 12.16 Unlock Item TFD with usage probabilities added.
TFD Cleanroom Path Example
With the usage information added to the TFD, generate random numbers to guide
you around the diagram from flow to flow until you reach the OUT terminator. The
resulting path defines a single test. Continue generating as many paths as you like,
using new random number sets each time. Experience has shown that it is a good
practice to always assign a 10% value to the Exit flow. A larger value will result in paths
that exit too soon and a smaller value will cause too many paths that seem to go on
forever before finally exiting. The 10% value provides a nice mix of long, medium, and
short paths in your Cleanroom test set.
Each Cleanroom test case is described by the sequence of flow numbers along the
Cleanroom path. Since the path length can vary from one test to another, you will not
know ahead of time how many random numbers you need to generate for all of your
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