Game Development Reference
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1. Describe how you would apply the Ammo TFD in Figure 11.13 to an archer
in an online role-playing game. Include any modifications you would make
to the TFD structure as well as individual states, events, or actions.
2. Update the diagram in Figure 11.13 to account for what happens when the
player picks up ammo that doesn't match the type of gun he has.
3. Create a set of baseline and minimum paths for the updated TFD you created
in Exercise 2. Create data dictionary entries and write out the test case for
your minimum path. Reuse the data dictionary entries already provided in
this chapter and create any new data dictionary entries you need.
4. Construct a TFD for a mobile game that is suspended when the user
receives a call or closes the phone's flip cover. Try to keep the number of
states low. The game should be resumed once the call ends or the cover is
lifted. Hint: Only one criterion must be satisfied to suspend the game, but
both criteria to resume the game must be met before it actually resumes.
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