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Another thing that has been done is to name the IN and OUT boxes to identify this
specific TFD, which might be part of a collection of multiple TFDs created for vari-
ous features of a game. This also makes it possible to uniquely specify the test setup
and tear-down procedures in the data dictionary definition for these boxes. This is
described in further detail later in this chapter.
Once you complete your diagram, be sure to save your file and give it an appropriate
descriptive name. Figure 11.13 shows the completed Ammo TFD.
Figure 11.13 The completed Ammo TFD.
Data Dictionary
The data dictionary provides detailed descriptions for each of the uniquely named
primitive elements in your TFD collection. This also implies that any primitive name
you reuse within a TFD and across multiple TFDs will carry the same meaning dur-
ing testing. Think of the primitive names on the TFD as a hyperlink to pages that con-
tain their definitions. When you mentally “click�? on one of those names, you get the
same definition regardless of which instance of the name you click on.
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