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Figure 11.4 Arrowheads window.
To delete an unwanted element, click it and press the Delete key. To add text to any
element, click it and type the text you want. To copy an element, click it and choose
Duplicate from the Edit menu or just type Ctrl+D. To move an element, click it and
drag it to the desired position. Select a set of elements by dragging a rectangle around
them. Once selected, they can be moved, duplicated, or deleted in a single operation.
Elements can also be edited. Resize or reshape an element by grabbing and dragging
the handles that appear. Rotate an element by holding the cursor over the small circle
that appears nearby and move the mouse in the direction you want to rotate with the
left button held down. You can customize your TFD further by changing colors, fonts,
and other attributes using various pull-down menu selections.
A TFD Example
The first TFD example is based on the ability to pick up a weapon and its ammo while
the game properly keeps track of your ammo count and performs the correct audible
and visual effects. This is an ability required in first-person shooters, role playing
games, action/adventure games, arcade games, and even some racing games. It may
seem like a trivial thing to test, but the first four patches for Unreal Tournament 2004
fixed five ammo-related defects and fourteen other weapon-related bugs that were in
the original release.
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