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In each of these situations, the cheapest way for your team to find and remove the
defects is to create pairwise combinatorial tables as early as possible in the game life
cycle and investigate the potential results of each test case. Once the design document
or storyboards become available, create combinatorial tables based on the information
available to you at the time and question the designers about the scenarios you generate.
If you know your testing budget in terms of staff, effort, or dollars early in the project,
you have to make choices about how to distribute your resources to test the game the
best you can. Pairwise combinatorial tests provide a good balance of breadth and
depth of coverage, which allows you to test more areas of the game than if you con-
centrate resources on just a few areas.
1. Explain the difference between a pairwise combinatorial table and a full
combinatorial table.
2. Explain the difference between a parameter and a value.
3. Use the appropriate template to add the Performance EQ parameter to the
NFL 2K5 Game Options test table in Figure 10.22.
4. Since some of the issues found with the NFL 2K5 table are related to the Two
Minute Warning, add three new rows to the Game Options test table that pair
the “2 min�? Quarter Length with the other five parameters.
5. Use the Allpairs tool to create a combinatorial table for the Player Appearance
options under the Create Player feature in NFL 2K5 .The first parameter is Body
Type with a default value of Skinny, plus additional values of Normal, Large,
and Extra Large. The second parameter is Skin Tone with a default value of
Lightest and additional values of Light, Light Medium, Dark Medium, Dark,
and Darkest. The third parameter is Face with a default value of Type 2 and
other values of Type 1 and Type 3 through 7. The Height parameter has a
default of 6'0", and ranges from 5'6" to 7'0". Weight is the final parameter,
with a default of 220 and a range from 150 to 405.
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