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value (1) to A2, and the maximum (10) to A3. Replace each instance of A1, A2, and
A3 in the table with their assigned values. The table at this point should look like
Figure 10.24.
Figure 10.24 Look Sensitivity values placed into table template.
Next, choose one of the two-value parameters, and substitute its name and values in
the template's ParamB column. Choose the Invert Thumbstick parameter, assigning the
default value (NO) to each instance of B1 in the table and the YES value to each B2. The
table now looks like Figure 10.25.
Figure 10.25 Invert Thumbstick values added to the table.
Continue this process for the remaining columns using the default values for the first
entry and the remaining value for the other choice. The completed table is shown in
Figure 10.26.
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