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5. If there are unsatisfied pairs in the table, create new rows and fill in the
values necessary to create one of the required pairs. If all pairs are satisfied,
then go back to step 3.
6. Add more unsatisfied pairs using empty spots in the table to create the most
new pairs. Go back to step 5.
7. Fill in empty cells with any one of the values for the corresponding column
The next example is a little more complicated than the previous one. Use the preceding
process to complete a pairwise combinatorial table for some of the NFL 2K5 Game
Options, as shown in Figure 10.6.
Figure 10.6 ESPN NFL 2K5Game Options screen.
Quarter Length is selectable from 1 to 15 minutes, with 5 as the default. You will use
1, 5, and 15 in your table. Play Calling choices are By Package, By Formation, and Let
Coach Pick. Game Speed choices are Slow, Normal, and Fast. Three other options—
Challenges, Coach Mode, and Multiple Hot Routes—all have the choice of being
either On or Off. The Performance EQ option is not included in this example. As a
result, you will create a 3 3 2 3 table consisting of three parameters with three choices:
Quarter Length, Play Calling, Game Speed, and three parameters with two choices:
Challenges, Coach Mode, and Multiple Hot Routes.
If you aren't familiar with the game or the detailed rules of football, that doesn't matter
right now. You just need to be able to understand and follow the seven steps previously
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