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Figure 9.8 Defect severity trend data.
Figure 9.9 Defect severity trend graph.
Tester Performance
You can implement some other measurements to encourage testers to find defects and
give them a sense of pride in their skills. One of them is the “Star Chart.�? This chart is
posted in the testing area and shows the accomplishments of each tester according to
how many defects they find of each severity. Tester names are listed down one side of
the chart and each defect is indicated by a stick-on star. The star's color indicates the
defect's severity. For example, you can use blue for 1, red for 2, yellow for 3, and silver
for 4. Points can also be assigned to each severity (for example, A=10, B=5, C=3,
D=1), and a “Testing Star�? can be declared at the end of the project based on who has
the most points. In my experience, this chart has led to a friendly sense of competi-
tion between testers, increased their determination to find defects, promoted tester
ownership of defects, and has caused testers to pay more attention to the severity
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