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It may seem counterintuitive to want to avoid jargon in such a specialized form of
technical writing, but it is wise to do so. Although some jargon is unavoidable, and
each development team quickly develops its own slang specific to the project they're
working on, testers should avoid using (or misusing) too many obscure technical
terms. Remember that your audience ranges from programmers to financial execu-
tives, so use plain language as much as possible.
Although testing build after build may seem repetitive, each new build provides excit-
ing new challenges with its own successes (fixed bugs and passed tests) and shortfalls
(new bugs and failed tests). The purpose of going about the testing of each build in a
structured manner is to reduce waste and get the most out of the game team. Each
time around, you get new build data that is used to re-plan test execution strategies
and update or improve your test suites. From there, you prepare the test environment
and perform a smoke test to ensure the build is functioning well enough to deploy to
the entire test team. Once the test team is set loose, your top priority is typically
regression testing to verify recent bug fixes. After that, you perform many other types
of testing in order to find new bugs and check that old ones have not re-emerged. New
defects should be reported in a clear, concise, and professional manner after an appro-
priate amount of investigation. Once you complete this journey, you are rewarded
with the opportunity to do it all over again.
1. Briefly describe the difference between the Expected Result and the Actual
Result in a bug write up.
2. What's the purpose of regression testing?
3. Briefly describe the steps in configuration preparation.
4. What is a “knockdown list?�?
5. True or False: Black box testing refers to examining the actual game code.
6. True or False: The Brief Description field of a defect report should include
as much information as possible.
7. True or False: White box testing describes testing gameplay.
8. True or False: Version control should be applied only to the developers'
9. True or False: A “Verify Fix�? status on a bug means it will remain in at least
one more test cycle.
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