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Great Expectations
Oftentimes, the defect itself may not be obvious from the steps in the full description.
Because the steps produce a result that deviates from user expectation, but does not
produce a crash or other severe symptom, it is sometimes necessary to add two addi-
tional lines to your full description: Expected Result and Actual Result.
Expected Result describes the behavior that a normal player would reasonably expect
from the game if the steps in the bug were followed. This expectation is based on the
tester's knowledge of the design specification, the target audience, and precedents set
(or broken) in other games, especially games in the same genre.
Actual Result describes the defective behavior. Here's an example:
1. Create a multiplayer game.
2. Click Game Settings.
3. Using your mouse, click any map on the map list. Remember the map you clicked on.
4. Press up or down directional keys on your keyboard.
5. Notice the highlight changes. Highlight any other map.
6. Click Back.
7. Click Start Game.
Expected Result: Game loads map you chose with the keyboard.
Actual Result: Game loads map you chose with the mouse.
Although the game loaded a map, it wasn't the map the tester chose. That's a bug,
albeit a subtle one.
Use the Expected/Actual Result steps sparingly. Most of the time, the defect is obvious.
4. Click “Next�? to continue.
Expected Result: You continue.
Actual Result: Game locks up. You must reboot the console.
It is understood by all members of the project team that the game shouldn't crash.
Don't waste time pointing out the obvious.
Things to Avoid
For the sake of clarity, effective communication, and harmony among members of the
project team, try to avoid a couple of common bug-writing pitfalls: humor and jargon.
Although humor is welcome in high-stress situations, it is not welcome in the bug
database. Ever. There are too many chances for misinterpretation and confusion.
During crunch time tempers are short and nerves are frayed. The defect database may
already be a point of contention. Don't make the problem worse with attempts at
humor (even if you think your joke is hilarious).
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