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Before you begin to write a defect report, ask yourself questions such as the following:
1. Is this the only location or level where the bug occurs?
2. Does the bug occur while using other characters?
3. Does the bug occur in other game modes (for example, multiplayer as well
as single player, skirmish as well as campaign)?
4. Can I eliminate any steps along the path to reproducing the bug?
5. Does the bug occur across all platforms (for example, PlayStation2 and
6. Is the bug machine-specific (for example, does it occur only on PCs with a
certain hardware configuration)?
These are the types of questions you will be asked by the lead tester, project manager,
or developer. Try to develop the habit of second-guessing such questions by perform-
ing some quick additional testing before you write the bug. Test to see if the defect
occurs in other areas. Test to determine whether the bug happens when you choose a
different character. Test to check which other game modes contain the issue. This
practice is known as testing “around�? the bug.
Once you are satisfied that you have anticipated any questions the development team
may ask, and you have your facts ready, you are ready to write the bug report.
Report the Results
Good bug writing is one of the most important skills a tester must learn. A defect can
only be fixed if it is communicated clearly and effectively. One of the oldest jokes in
software development goes something like this:
Q: How many programmers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None—it's not dark where they're sitting.
Good bug report writing gets programmers to “see the light�? of the bug. But programmers
are by no means the only people who will read your bug. The audience may include
The lead tester or primary tester, who may wish to review the bug before they
give it an “open�? status in the bug database.
The project manager, who will read the bug and assign it to the appropriate
member of the project team.
Marketing and other business executives, who may be asked to weigh in on the
possible commercial impact of fixing (or not fixing) the bug.
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