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I realize it's a foreign concept that having a meeting will actually save time. I needed
to know this for myself when test kickoffs were just an “idea.�? In the project I was
working on at the time, I held test kickoffs for a portion of tests while the rest were
executed without a kickoff. The “kicked-off �? tests were executed at 1.4 times the rate
of the “non-kickoff �? testing. Putting it another way, testers who had a kickoff completed
40% more tests that those who did not have a kickoff.
Test kickoffs can provide the same benefits for test creation as they can for test execu-
tion. All it takes is a slightly different agenda and checklist, as shown in Figure 7.4.
Both test kickoff checklists shown in this chapter are available on the topic's CD-ROM.
Figure 7.4 Test creation kickoff checklist.
It's time to get busy. The project manager delivers you an Alpha candidate. You certify
it against the Alpha criteria you established in the planning phase. Now full-bore testing
can begin.
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