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Participate in Game Design Reviews
As mentioned in earlier chapters, all stakeholders benefit from test playing an active
role from the beginning of a project. The lead tester or primary tester should participate
regularly in design reviews. Their role is not to design the game, but rather to stay
abreast of the latest design changes, as well as to advise the project manager of any
technical challenges or testing complications that may arise from any anticipated feature
revision. Changes in the scope and design of the game will dictate changes in the scope
and flow of the testing; forewarned is forearmed.
Set Up the Defect Tracking Database
This is a critical step, in that a poorly designed database can waste precious seconds
every time someone uses it, and those seconds add up quickly to man-hours toward
the end a project—man-hours you will wish you had back! Figure 7.2 shows a typical
entry in a bug database—note that the bug type “Unexpected Result�? is too general.
Aren't all bugs unexpected?
Figure 7.2 Typical entry in a bug database.
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