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Because the expansion pack introduces 12 new units, we will be concerned only with high-level
balance testing—if one of the new units gives its clan an overwhelming advantage (or disadvan-
tage), we would bug it out. We do not have the resources available to re-evaluate each of the more
than 50 existing units against the new units. We will count on the developer's design team (and
user feedback compiled since the release of the original game) to fine-tune the balance of the
expansion pack.
Test Matrices (210 hours)
Because this a product for the PC and not a console, there will not be first-party TRC component
to the testing. However, we will provide a similar standards-based level of final release testing
based on a number of PC standards developed from our own experience as well as standards used
at other PC game publishers.
We will run the following standard matrices on the game:
Install/Uninstall matrix (with an emphasis on interoperability with the previous product)
Windows “gotchas�? matrix
Publisher Standards matrix
Multiplayer connectivity matrix
We will also produce and run the unit matrix developed while testing the original game on each
new unit in the expansion pack.
Compatibility (0 hours)
Because the minimum system requirements will not change from the original game, we do not antic-
ipate needing the services of a third-party hardware compatibility lab for compatibility testing. If any
machine-specific bugs on the varied hardware in our internal lab crop up during the normal course
of testing, we will evaluate at that point whether a full compatibility sweep is warranted.
Overtime (tbd)
Because this product has only modest upside for the company, QA will work with Production to
make best efforts to contain overtime costs. At this point we anticipate working overtime only on
such occasions that failure to do so will make the product late.
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