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The Software Quality Assurance organization carries out activities according to a plan
that monitor and promote the use of these techniques and measures. Their cost must
be weighed against the consequences and costs of releasing a poor quality game.
For more information and resources on software quality, check out the American Society for Qual-
ity Web site at
1. Your game code size is 200,000 AELOC. It had 35 defects you knew about
when you released it. The people who bought it have reported 17 more.
What sigma level is your code at?
2. Describe the differences between the leader role in a walkthrough and the
Moderator role in a Fagan Inspection.
3. Add the following defects found in Beta testing to the data in Figure 6.4:
Requirements—5, Design—4, Coding—3. What are the updated code PCEs
for the requirements, design, and coding phases?
4. Using the SPC Tool demo, create a control chart of the following test case
review rates, measured in pages per hour:
Review 1: 8.5
Review 2: 6.1
Review 3: 7.3
Review 4: 4.5
Review 5: 13.2
Review 6: 9.1
Which reviews, if any, fall above or below the control limits? Describe which
are “good�? and which are “bad.�? How might a high or low review rate impact
the number of faults found in those reviews?
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