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Many of the multiplayer game companies conduct seasonal or holiday events for their
subscribers, which could include special limited-time missions, crafting options,
and/or item drops.
In any case, an upgrade is a mini-project and needs to be handled like one, with testing,
milestones, and all the other paraphernalia associated with good software management.
The project life cycle provides a logical structure for successfully conceiving, pitching,
funding, and executing a game project. A specific series of documents allows the game
to unfold in increasing detail so that the right game is developed and tested. Even peo-
ple outside of the game company have defined roles and responsibilities that contribute
to the success of the game. The game team's project responsibilities may continue after
the game is shipped, handling quality issues and keeping the game content fresh.
1. Draw a line to connect each of the game titles on the left to with its “high
concept�? on the right.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Rapid-fire games without rules
Can one man save the universe?
Unreal Tournament
SimCity set in a zoo
Zoo Tycoon
Mortal Kombat with guns
True Crime: Streets of LA
Ordinary guy finds out he's extraordinary
Wario Ware, Inc.
Grand Theft Auto in reverse
2. In which project phase is each of the following deliverables or activities
Art bible
Competitive analysis
Game prototype
New maps
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