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The Game Proposal (“Pitch Doc�?)
The game proposal is a two-page handout you speak from during pitch meetings to
seek funding for your game. In just a few pages, you must summarize what your game
is about, why it will be successful, and how it will make money. This document covers
the same territory as the concept document, but in abbreviated form.
The Concept Document
The concept document is the fleshed-out version of the pitch doc. It is a 10-20 page
“leave-behind�? that members of the publishing team will not have time to review during
a pitch meeting, but will want to peruse afterward to gain a more detailed under-
standing of your game.
The concept doc should be presented in a professional binder, on good paper stock,
with an eye-catching cover and excellent game art throughout. It should contain the
following sections.
The High Concept
The concept document leads off with the high concept. Write it as a quick description
you would give to an executive if you only had thirty seconds to pitch your game.
Explain which genre your game belongs to, along with crossover elements to other
genres if applicable.
Describe what the player will do while he is playing the game. Emphasize any new
twists to the genre that your game provides.
This is the list of the features that will make your game exceptional. It can include any-
thing from an unusual graphical style to advanced engine technology. Write this sec-
tion as if you are writing copy for the back of the game box.
Describe the world in which your game is set. Include concept art if you have any. If
it is a story game, highlight the most interesting features of the setting and explain
how they affect the plot. Figure 5.1 shows a piece of concept art used for the game
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing .
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