Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Do game teams exist?
2. List all of the game state transitions for the game state diagram in Figure 4.2.
3. List all of the game state transitions that are not shown in Figure 4.2, and
therefore should not be possible in the game.
4. The Vehicle View portion of the screen layout shown in Figure 4.3 will
display the vehicle selected by clicking the left and right arrows below the
Vehicle View window. Write at least three tests to verify these two functions
work properly together.
5. 5. Pretend that your house, apartment, dormitory, or favorite store is the
first level of a major role playing game your company is developing. Using
the level test checklist in Table 4.1, write a set of tests for this level of your
game. Start by listing the items that apply (for example, NPCs, textures,
doors, etc.) to your level, and then write tests for each item, according to
the checklist.
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