Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Testers should use this design docu-
mentation as the basis for providing
a complete range of tests. From the
flow diagrams provided, write tests
to cover all of the states and transi-
tions. In addition to checking the
flows that are designed to work,
make sure you can't make any tran-
sitions that are intentionally left out
of the design. For example, using
the game state flow diagram in
Figure 4.2, you want to test that you
can Pause while Racing and also test
that you cannot Pause during the
Race Wrap-Up.
The same approach should be used
with any screen layouts documented
in the game design. You can use the
screen layout test checklist in Table
4.2 as a guideline.
Figure 4.2 Super Street Racer game state flow.
Figure 4.3 Super Street Racer Dealership screen layout.
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