Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
RPG, Adventure
Spell casting and spell effects
Weapon firing, clashing, and effects
Creature sounds: walking, grunting, howling, etc.
Vehicle sounds
Player and NPC dialog
Car engine sounds: starting, shifting, etc.
Wheel sounds: braking, spinning, cornering, etc.
Road effects: potholes, puddles, ramps, etc.
Opening and closing sounds: doors, hood, trunk, seat belt, etc.
Sirens: police, ambulance, fire truck, etc.
Powerup sounds
Dialog and taunts
Casino Games, Collectible Card Games, Board Games
Ambient sounds: environment, crowd
Indicate success or failure of a turn
Movement and placement of pieces: cards, dice, blocks, board pieces, etc.
Betting sounds: depositing a coin, stacking chips, etc.
Weapon sounds
Striking and blocking sounds
Environment sounds: weather, arena, etc.
Crowd sounds: cheer, boo, ambient
Player and NPC taunts
Combat sounds
Accept or reject action
Movement of units
Creation of units and structures
Indicate goal, command, or milestone completed
Warning of enemy activities
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