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42. Cathedral of Huesca, Huesca
After Huesca was reclaimed by the Christians, the city's mosque became the chosen place
to celebrate religious services. King Jaime I of Aragón didn't like this and ordered the con-
struction of a Christian cathedral for the city.
This cathedral is built in a Gothic style, with Mudejar influence . There are three naves and
five chapels. The chapels were paid for by wealthy citizens, in exchange for burial services.
The temple was completed after two hundred years, with the addition of star-shaped domes
in the ceilings.
The cathedral dominates the city from its location on a hill. Its façade is unique, with an oc-
tagonal tower and a unusual roof over the main gate, which is flanked by sculpted images of
the apostles. The interior of the temple contains a trove of documents, gold work, silverwork
and religious images, including a famed stone altarpiece featuring a depiction of the passion
of Christ.
Image Credit: The entrance of the cathedral. Image by Murcianboy .
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